We provide helpful vendored services that help in obtaining prescription medication while helping with costs and coverage .

CVS/ Caremark

CVS/Caremark makes it easy to order prescription refills, check drug cost and coverage and find ways to save on your medications.

Prescription Drug Program

Provided by CVS/Caremark, prescriptions are subject to the copays listed in the following chart here. All major chains are part of the network as are several of the independent pharmacies. For a list of these pharmacies please go to You will receive a prescription card separate from your medical card to use for obtaining prescriptions at your pharmacy. For more information on the Prescription Drug Program, click below.

Free Generic Prescriptions!

We also have an option for obtaining some generic prescription free. When you enroll in the Detroit Annual Conference medical and prescription benefits you will automatically receive a MedTipster ID card. The MedTipster ID card can be used at all pharmacies except Walgreens and CVS to obtain free generic medications. For step by step directions, click below.


Canada Rx Pro Prescription Program

We invite you to use our Canadian pharmacy partner Global Health Management to fill your 90 day supply of maintenance medications! Click below to find out more how this works.